Andrew Palmer

A smiling older man with glasses wearing a maroon cap and a checkered shirt with a lanyard, standing in a crowded indoor area.

Hi, I’m Andrew Palmer

I build Websites

I build WordPress Plugins

I invest in Companies and People

I live in the UK

Media Bio

Andrew has been involved in WordPress since 2016.

As an advocate of commercial plugins, Andrew created sales for just one plugin in excess of $175,000 in 31 days. He also created over 1,000 new customers for a SaaS solution in just one week.

He has been responsible for over 23 WordPress plugins serving over half a million website owners and has been an advocate for Hosting companies and Plugin developers who excel.

Prior to using WordPress as a business tool and creator, Andrew worked in the Printing Industry and was responsible for over £14 million a year in revenue for his printing company during the 80’s and 90’s.

He’s great at generating revenue and rubbish at keeping it – as he likes to travel, play golf and is always ready to help people out who need a little cash injection. This has led to multiple investments in things that work and sometimes in things that haven’t quite worked out as desired.

Andrew Palmer is a vibrant and dynamic individual with a deep passion for technology and business development. Known for his innovative mindset, Andrew has consistently demonstrated an ability to transform ideas into tangible solutions that add real value in the digital space. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident through the various successful ventures he’s been a part of over the years.

Aside from co-founding Bertha AI, Andrew has played a pivotal role in multiple start-ups and projects, showcasing his versatility and keen understanding of market needs. He is particularly recognized for his proficiency in creating tools and platforms that enhance user experiences and streamline workflows, making him a respected figure among peers and clients alike.

On a personal level, Andrew is approachable, enthusiastic, and always eager to share his knowledge. He’s known for his collaborative nature, often working closely with teams to nurture ideas from inception to execution. His ability to inspire and motivate others has made him a natural leader, someone who champions growth and innovation at every turn.

In his interactions, Andrew balances professionalism with a genuine warmth, making him not just a formidable entrepreneur but also a valued colleague and mentor. Whether discussing the latest trends in technology or offering strategic insights, he brings a thoughtful and engaging perspective to the table.

But wait, there’s more! Andrew isn’t just all tech talk and no play. He’s a devoted father to a twenties daughter who he’s utterly besotted with. Picture this: a tech mogul happily wrapped around the little finger of an adult human who could probably convince him that unicorns exist. It’s both heartwarming and a little bit hilarious.

An avid golfer, Andrew doesn’t just dream about birdies; he actually nails them, boasting a best handicap of 9. On the golf course, he talks the talk and walks the walk, even if that walk sometimes involves an errant ball landing in the nearest water hazard.

Known for being talkative and loving the success of others, Andrew often gives just a touch too much—but hey, who can blame him? Generosity is his middle name. Well, not literally, but you get the idea.

Advocating for many righteous causes, especially the importance of being kind, Andrew still manages to keep things interesting with a healthy dose of sarcasm. His witty remarks, especially when complimenting friends, are legendary. It’s an oxymoronic charm that makes him an unforgettable, if slightly cheeky, personality in any room.

He currently runs a Web Dev company and is the Co Founder of Bertha AI. 

Current investments:

Bertha AI