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John Rahm shows us what dedication, practice and determination brings. 

If you are into golf, an astounding series of events happened over the past month or so. John Rahm, is now as of this date, The worlds number one male golf professional. 

A little over 4 weeks ago, he as leading the memorial golf tournament in the third round by 6 shots. He was, as you can imagine pretty please, the purse was a cool 1.2 Million bucks. On laving the 18th green n that day, he was greeted by the tournament officials and told that he would have to withdraw as he as Covid 19 positive. Imagine being told that  you were not allowed to play in the final day, knowing you were 6 shots ahead of your nearest competitor and there was no chance of anyone getting anywhere close to the score you just posted!

Here’s his reaction


Devastating right? 

All sports people spend their life trying to get better. They invest in themselves, make sacrifices most of us would deem impossible and have a support system behind them that helps them be better, faster and more competitive. 

It’ s not all bad news for John Rahm! 

Because he has strong mental agility as well as being a top sports person. His team backed him up, he was counselled well and he had back up from his awesome family, he went right on to win the US OPEN. It is an outstanding testament to building the right team, getting the right advice and taking it. Battling on and knowing that he has the skills and talent to triumph against all odds. 

The message I am trying to get across here is:

As business owners we come across a variety of obstacles. It could be a staffing issue. It could be a client issue and more than likely, it could be a lack of turnover or getting new clients. We may even be facing bad news in the family, an illness or a simple feeling of imposter syndrome.

As web designers, marketers and consultants, we are faced with similar issues. We know the pain of loss, the pain of not getting what we want, when we want it.

Our advice to you in these pages will always be – try as hard as you can to be he best that you can be. Use the resources within our site to get better, be faster, be more competitive and get more clients by being true to your business and your brand.

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