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Andrew Palmer

Its all about timing

Being in the right place at the right time is crucial. I have been lucky to find opportunities due to my ever presence in communities, on podcasts and at WordPress WordCamps.

Take advantage of my luck and see where it takes you.

The Biggest Event in the Web Agencies & WordPress Space is BACK!
Andrew meets: Matt Mullenweg, Vova Feldman, Rajendra Zore, Tanya Quintiei, and many others to numerous to mention

As the Co Founder of Bertha Ai an awesome opportunity for WordPress users to write where they work. I am in touch daily with the WordPress Community.

I offer coaching, Advocacy and support for WordPress Makers, companies and Individuals who are aiming to be the very best. I currently Endorse GridPane a great company offering a fantastic Hosting Management Solution to Agencies to start, manage and give great hosting services to their clients.

I am also the founder of WP PLUGINS PLUS a company based in London UK and Kolkata. We make plugins, act as support for various Agencies and offer guided Web Site Design and Build Services. I welcome all enquiries around all Web Solutions, Marketing Collateral and Exhibition design development and implementation whether online, offline or a mixture of both. 


The Birth of Agency Radio

Agency Radio has been set up by WordPress Developers for WordPress Users who love to listen  to non-technical radio.

Agency Radio is the best place where web developers, designers and other creatives can listen to the latest news, updates, tutorials and events from around the globe related to the web and agency world.

The birth of Agency Radio is exciting. The project is a collaboration between people who share the same passion and love for music, WordPress, creativity and web development.

As we grow, we will invite live interaction with members of the Agency community to talk about the things they like, music and of course – how they are getting on in the Agency and Freelancer world.

Look out for some Favorites as well as some unknowns talking about what they love, why they love it and the music that keeps them entertained during the long days and nights of creativity! .

Tune in today and soon, you will be able to ask ‘Alexa’ to PLAY: AGENCY RADIO – How cool is that?

How and why to Niche down in Podcasting

How and why to Niche down in Podcasting

How and why to Niche down in Podcasting; by finding a topic that you're passionate about and that you can talk about for hours. Find a niche within that topic that you can focus on, and become the go-to expert on that niche. Build an audience of people who are...

How Attending CloudFest Opened My Eyes and Mind- Wide

How Attending CloudFest Opened My Eyes and Mind- Wide

Or in other words - attending an event that is not focused on what you do, can help you realise further ambitions My Friend and colleague Vito Peleg and I were invited to attend in Rust, Germany by our friends at Codeable an awesome solution to help out...

Are you thinking of pivoting?

Are you thinking of pivoting?

Here is what you need to know about pivoting in our little world of tech.  It is my view, if your business is already a great idea and its working to the degree that it's washing it's face - adjust, don't Pivot! Think about why you want to pivot - or, reinvent...

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