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Web site speed optimization is key to a successful website

speed up your website

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As developers our main concern is getting a website to do what it is supposed to do, as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. In this day and age of Gutenberg, Page builders like Divi and Elementor (and many others). Web sites have, frankly, got slower and slower – it is not always the hosting.

It’s the millions of lines of CSS, Jquey, Javascript, Plugins from Security to things that make the site function as they should. Caching at the site and server level has never really worked satisfactorily in my view. Some page builders add thousands of lines of code to every page that isn’t particularly needed on THAT page and as a consequence you site loads like Treacle going down a snowy mountain.

Google and others have been harping on about Site Speed being a factor in ranking for a few years now. Speed testing tools like page speed insights fill people with dread and have caused a few arguments in the SEO and Web Design world – SEO’s blaming bad coding and Web Developers blaming cheap hosting and so on.

Enter Nitropack. It is, by far, the BEST speed optimization tool I have used over the past 20 years+ of developing websites. Yes, I have used all the favourites including hand coding in header code to hide things, reset things and in the end, try and make websites faster – with a great deal of success might I add. However, I had an issue with a site I just could not fix and in desperation was looking for a solution – even to changing servers to the most powerful my client could afford.

And then, I happened across Jamie Marsland’s post on Nitropack – I had heard of it, had seen the forum comments and   well. Just did not take action. After watching the excellent interview with the founders that Jamie did, I thought, What the heck!

I installed on my own sites first and was – literally – blown away. 100/100 on Page Insights, Straight A’s on GT Metrix and the sites did not break!

This morning I had a meeting with a client that had page insights of 1 and 27 – he is probably, the most patient person I know – but, this was the last straw, the site was just not performing and well – Watch the video above and you can hear the great news. We set the system up to use Ludicrous and after some tweaking, we used Strong – it’s always worth playing with something to get to know it right? 

I cannot put into words the gratitude I have as a developer, that Nitropack exists.

It is a game changer, and I would not be at all surprised if a host or an investor approaches them for an outright purchase very soon. I might even do it myself – Test it using the free version and get your site to be where it should be in as little as 10 minutes – it is a total no brainer and will save you a fortune and increase your sites ranking too as core web vitals will mean  that your website will rank better than your competitors who have lower scores AND, your visitors will love you as your site will be fast and easy to use  – I have no doubt!

Want to have a chat about this and other things, Join me as a host at the Atarim Summit 23rd March 2021 to 26th March 2021 inclusive. I will be there, morning, noon and night. It’s gonna be a blast! 


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