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Waahi - Virtual Offices

Build your own space in minutes

Choose and customise the rooms (or “Components”) that are included in your Waahi to craft a unique experience for your colleagues
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say HI to Bertha AI

Bertha AI - Helping you write write better copy, faster with Artificial Intelligence right in your WordPress website

The world’s first fully-integrated AI writing assistant for WordPress

The Fastest Way To Create Content For Your WordPress Website

Bertha is an AI-based writing assistant that has been trained on hundreds of billions of lines of content to help you write better content on your WordPress website. In just a few clicks, you can have a variety of content for your website that’s guaranteed to convert – from blog posts to landing pages, to product pages.

divi plugins

22 + Divi and Elementor Plugins

Advanced Extensions for Divi and Elementor. See them now on Elegant Marketplace. 

Serving over 60,000 customers with a plethora of Divi Plugins plus the Elementor Form DB. with over 50,000 Current Installations. 

divi plugins

Divi Sorted

“Divi Sorted” is a filter and sort plugin for users to filter through posts, projects, products, and any custom post-type using the Divi visual builder. Users can control each and every element of the design and customize it using the module.

You can filter and sort using categories, title, price, popularity, and much more and style the WooCommerce Shop page as you like it. It is also fully compatible with the Divi visual builder.

This advanced Divi Filterable Blog module was developed with a focus on high performance and uses advanced javascript functionality. With “Divi Sorted” you can add a numbered pagination and freely customize your Divi Blog and Shop pages.

divi plugins

Somebody's Hero

This is our main digital marketing home. We serve clients as diverse as Estate Agents, Wholesale food and beverage, Restaurants, Celebrities and Fortune 500 companies. Our experience in all aspects of business and the marketing thereof has increased turnover, profitability and Saleability.

Many of our clients have a five year plan – as recently as 2020 one of our clients sold their business in the hundreds of millions – we are certain the website and digital presence helped in that sale. Subsequent to the sale we are still retained to handle the hosting, design and marketing of the website, testament to our clients loyalty and our hard work in maintaining a great digital presence.

divi plugins

Site Fixer

Site Fixer is our specialist website for owners who need a maintenance plan that is both cost effective and scalable. We offer one off fixes when a site owner has suffered from downtime, a plugin or coding conflict or has been left in the lurch by an absent developer – This happens more often than one would think!. Our clients range from DIYers to top of the line agencies that simply don’t have the time or resources to handle maintenance or quick fixes.

With over 15 developers at our disposal, with skill sets across WooCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, HTML, PHP, Javascript and of course the whole ecosphere of WordPress and web hosting, We have not found a situation we could not fix.

divi plugins


Is our technical and maintenance service based in Kolkata for Plugin and Theme developers, Web Hosts and Acquirers of the same.

Our technical team is skilled in React, Javascript, Gutenberg Block building and plugin development, support and maintenance. We currently maintain and develop plugins and marketplaces with turnover in the Millions of dollars.

Our staff are on call 24 hours a day to answer any query and fix issues brought about by WordPress updates, plugin conflicts and aligning payment gateways for upgrading solutions across multiple websites. We also build cost effective and stylish sites for companies in Europe, The United Kingdom and Australasia.

Yoast acquired by New Fold Digital

Yoast acquired by New Fold Digital

As big news as this is – it is no real surprise. All in One SEO was acquired a while back by the power house that is Syad Balkhi and we all know what happened there – AIO changed, it became more aggressive in its marketing, it had an on boarding wizard that encouraged premium uptake and it took out a few things that you can only now do in Premium.

The importance of back ups can NEVER be overstated!

The importance of back ups can NEVER be overstated!

As experienced users, we know backups are important – off site backups for critical sites are even more important but, even if you perform a local back up (one that sits on the same server as your main site). You are doing better than most.

Its all about timing

Being in the right place at the right time is crucial. I have been lucky to find opportunities due to my ever presence in communities, on podcasts and at WordPress WordCamps. Take advantage of my luck and see where it takes you. 

Andrew meets: Matt Mullenweg, Vova Feldman, Rajendra Zore, Tanya Quintiei, and many others to numerous to mention

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